Commercial Coiling Doors

 Cornell Coiling Rolling Doors

Commercial Coiling Doors Madison

Rolling Steel Doors

Model ESD10

Rolling Steel Doors are metal slatted doors that roll up to store in coil above the opening. They are used to provide security against entry or weather protection at exterior and interior openings in industrial, commercial, institutional and other buildings. They are also called overhead coiling doors or service doors.

Rolling Steel Door Benefits:

  • Design Flexibility: Cornell coiling doors are built to order to fit your opening size, operation and option preferences.
  • Space Saving: Coiling doors roll upward and store in a tight coil above the opening for fuller use of the interior space. This reduces interference with other building components.
  • Low Life Cycle Cost: Cornell’s rugged construction and quality materials assure long life and less costly maintenance.

 Cornell Coiling Counter Shutters

Counter Doors

Model ESC10

Commercial Coiling Doors Madison WIRolling Counter Doors secure openings above counters and other similar finished openings on interior and exterior walls. Feature smaller, more aesthetically pleasing guides, slats, brackets and hood than rolling doors; can fully close to the floor when compact door components are desired. Also called shutters.

Sizes: Openings up to 21′ wide or 10′ high standard construction.

Operation: Concealed tubular motors, shown left, provide a solution for strict dimensional limitations around the header or Commercial Coiling Door Madisonaesthetic requirements that lend themselves to its smaller, compact design. Standard motor, hand crank, or push-up designs also available based on size and weight.

Materials and Finishes: Curtains available in #18 B & S gauge or extruded .055″ aluminum with clear or color anodized finish, 22 gauge galvanized steel with exclusive GalvaNex™ finish in light gray or 22 gauge stainless steel with #4 finish. SpectraShield® Powder Coating optional.

Counter Door Options

Commercial Coiling Door Madison WICountertops: 14 gauge stainless steel countertops are available up to 12′ wide, 20″ deep. Plastic laminate countertops are available up to 16′ wide, 36″ deep, in a range of standard laminates.

Additional Counter Door Offerings:
Graphics Door: Add durable, full-color images to your curtains and hoods. Great for school logos and turning unused door space into profitable sponsorship opportunities in stadiums, amusement parks and retail stores.

ScreenGard™ Perforated Counter Door Slat: Achieve visibility and ventilation while maintaining security and insect control. Perforated 22 gauge galvanized steel slat provides approximately 22% open space.

 Cornell Coiling Fire Rated Doors

Coiling Fire Doors

Model ERD10

Commercial Coiling DoorsCoiling Fire Doors are rated physical fire barriers that protect wall openings from the spread of fire. They provide automatic closing in the event of fire detection with governed speed control. Fire doors are also designed for daily use to provide security and access control, but are for use in openings that are not part of a required means of egress. Cornell offers a complete line of labeled rolling doors for protection in wall openings where rated doors are required by building codes and for insurance purposes.

UL Classified 4 HR, 3 HR, 11/2 HR, 1 HR and 3/4 HR labels and Factory Mutual Approval, see FM Approval Guide.

Sizes: 30′ wide, 30′ high standard construction. Large Openings to 50′ wide, 40′ high up to 1200 square feet, consult factory.


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