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It’s been said that the best offense is a good defense, and this is definitely true in the world of garage door repairs. If you want to avoid costly repairs down the line, monitoring the condition of your garage doors can help you do so. By taking a few minutes each month to run through a list of garage door performance check points, you can prevent dealing with a faulty garage door at an inopportune time or spending too much repairing one that has stopped performing properly. The following tests should help you keep your doors on track and in shape.

  1. Visual Garage Door Inspection: This is exactly what it sounds like. Stand inside your garage and close your garage door. Inspect the hinges, springs, motor, cables and other hardware for any signs of disrepair or overuse. Walk outside the garage and make sure the door appears to be closing properly.
  2. Audible Inspection: Choose a time that is quiet so that you can listen closely to the sound of your door. Open and close the door and observe the sound the door makes as it does so. Has it become much louder over time? Is there a noticeable vibration that wasn’t there before? These are signs that something is amiss and should be looked at by a professional
  3. Balance Check: Be sure to disable the automatic feature of your garage door before performing this test. Begin with the door closed. Open the door by hand. You should be able to open the door easily and with little effort. The door should remain open without further support. If the door is difficult to open manually or will not stay open once you have opened it, this is a sign that it is not functioning properly.
  4. Reverse Mechanism Test: Federal law requires that all automatic garage door openers made after January 1, 1993, are equipped with a reversing feature. To avoid injury, only perform this test once you have done the balance check and found your door to be balanced. With the door open, place a piece of wood on the ground in the center of the area where the door usually hits the floor. A 2” x 4” laid flat works well for this. Using the wall button or hand held opener, attempt to shut the door. The moment the door detects the piece of wood or comes into contact with it, it should automatically reverse direction to open. If it does not do so, it needs to be checked out and repaired by a professional.

Regular lubrication of the moving parts of the garage door can help to keep your garage door opening and closing smoothly. By doing so you can help keep the moving parts of the door in top condition. Your owner’s manual should contain recommendations for which parts to oil (do not lubricate the plastic idler bearings). Parts that generally do need lubrication include springs, hinges and cables.

You can also aid the mechanical condition of your garage door by removing dirt or debris present in the tracks. Remember, it’s always wise to shut off power to the door before tinkering with any of its parts.

Keep in mind that garage doors can be dangerous to work on.  The brackets that are connected to the spring by the lift cable near the bottom of the door are under tension and can be very dangerous if not handled properly. Attempting to repair them yourself can put you at risk for serious injury, so calling in a professional to take care of any problems is imperative.

If a garage door is not working the way it should, the problem could be either mechanical or technical. Unless you know how to repair garage doors, you can make the situation worse by attempting to do the work yourself. However, if the door is simply not opening and/ or closing, be sure to check your circuit breaker and the fuse box. Doing so may reveal the issue and save you a call to a professional.

If you do discover a problem during a garage door inspection, find a professional to address the issue for you whether you are in need of Waukesha garage door repair or you are located elsewhere in the Greater Milwaukee or Madison area. Not only will this save you time and headache, it can help you to prevent accidents down the line.


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