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Common Garage Door Repair Questions and Answers

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A garage door offers protection for both homes and businesses. However, it’s common for property owners to take these doors for granted – expecting them to last forever. Garage doors require regular maintenance even when they appear to be functioning at an optimal level.

As the leading provider of garage door maintenance and service in Brookfield and all of eastern Wisconsin, Lifetime Door Company offers a complete scope of maintenance to ensure that your garage door functions perfectly for years to come.

We Service and Repair All Sizes And Models Of Garage Doors, Coiling Doors, And Openers (Residential, Commercial and Agricultural)

    • Broken Garage Door Springs
    • Replacement Sections
    • Opener Repairs and Tune ups
    • Cables and Tracks
    • Keypads, Photo Eyes and Transmitters
    • Weatherstripping
    • Ask About Our Maintenance Programs!


Common Garage Door Questions and Answers

My Garage Door Spring is Broken, What Do I Do?

Garage Door Repair Madison WisconsinShown on the right is a torsion spring-the spring which runs across the top and front of your garage door. If there are two springs, both should be replaced when replacing one as they have the same amount of cycles-up and down it could break at anytime causing another spring replacement trip.

Do not run your garage door operator on a door with a broken spring as you will damage the operator unit.

Call Lifetime Door at 262-783-4004 and we’ll have your garage working perfectly in no time!

The garage door opener sounds like it works but nothing happens?

Garage Door Repair WisconsinWhen this happens it’s usually a stripped trolley (usually on a genie) or the internal plastic gears (Chamberlin, Lift-Master or Sears Craftsman).

Sometimes it may be as simple as your garage door openers manual release being pulled down. So you might want to check and make sure it’s engaged first.

Wisconsin Garage Door RepairPictures shown of worn out gears found in Sears Craftsman, Chamberlain and Lift-Master brands of garage door openers. This will result in your door opener running but your door will not move.

Call Lifetime Door at 262-783-4004 and we’ll have your garage working perfectly in no time!

Help! My garage door does not go down all the way (comes down a little then goes up).

It’s usually the garage door safety beams make sure they are properly aligned. (Usually there will be a solid light on both beams if there is a good connection (some beams only have one indicator light), make sure there is nothing in between them (like spider webs, etc).

Inspect the wiring leading up to the beam sometimes you can wiggle the wire and make the beam work again. Make sure that the door is not hitting anything on the way down.

If this doesn’t work, call Lifetime Door at 262-783-4004 and we’ll have your garage working perfectly in no time!

My door only opens a few inches then stops and is heavy when trying to lift it manually. What could be the problem?

You probably have a broken spring (the large coil located on the top of the door on a bar) and this should be replaced. Another symptom of a broken spring is if you hear a very large bang and again, the door only opens a few inches.

Garage door openers are not designed to lift the weight of an overhead door, the garage door springs are designed for this. Therefore, never ever run your operator with a broken spring or damaged door as doing so will cause extensive damage to your electric operator.

Contact Lifetime Door by phone at 262-783-4004 or by email and we’ll have your garage working perfectly in no time!


Additional Services We Offer

Madison Wisconsin Garage Door RepairReplacement Garage Door Panels: Dented or damaged panels can be replaced on most garage doors, for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire door. Lifetime Door Co. has access to most major manufactures for replacement panels. We would be happy to give you a Free Quote.

Replacement Garage Door Opener Remotes and Keypads: Lifetime Door can replace your lost or damaged remote control or keypad on almost any garage door opener. We have thousands in stock. Remember to get a model number on an existing remote to match up. You can stop into our showroom or we can have a service man deliver one to you.

Weatherstripping: Lifetime Door Co. inventories many different sizes and styles of weatherstripping from your garage door. Do it yourselfers should always bring a piece of their old weatherstripping along so that we can match exactly what is needed. Knowing the thickness of the door is also important. We are very efficient at weatherstripping any size garage door – call us at 262-783-4004 or email us for a Free Quote.


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    • Trained door professionals.
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      Our Continuous Improvement Process includes confidential customer satisfaction surveys to let you give us candid feedback regarding our products and service.
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      We carry only the finest garage doors and parts at honest prices. We carry a huge inventory of parts which means that if you need it, we probably have it in stock. You can be assured that our quotes include all necessary parts and labor and contain no hidden costs and expensive surprises.
    • From our family to yours.
      Lifetime Door Co. is a second generation, family-owned business. For over 30 years, our business has grown by customers telling their friends and families about us. We take pride in our work and our staff, and look forward to serving you for the next 30 years!


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