How to Replace a Garage Door Panel

How to replace a garage door panelA dented or damaged garage door panel can greatly diminish the aesthetic quality of your garage and your home. The good news is, it’s possible to replace the damaged panel for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire garage door.  To replace the garage door panel, you could call us at (262) 783-4004 or (608) 284-5920 for a free estimate or attempt to replace the panel yourself. If you need to replace a garage door panel, the process doesn’t have to be costly or incredibly difficult—in fact, this is a home repair you can do yourself if you just follow some simple steps.

Be safe

The very first step in replacing a garage door panel is to observe safety precautions. You will want to make sure the garage door openers are unplugged.

Measure First

Measure the actual door panels, not the trim. Few things are as frustrating as finding out you have the wrong size just as you’re ready to begin a project.

Remove Springs and Lower the Door

Since you want to be sure there is no spring tension in the door when you take it apart,  you will want to remove the springs. You can usually simply unclip to remove them. Garage doors are not only very heavy, but they are also very awkward, so it is a very good idea to have someone to help you with this task. Once the springs are removed, lower the door manually. Without the springs to help hold the door, the door will be especially heavy, so be very careful.

Remove the Panels

There is a pin at the top center brace—remove the pin, and then loosen the brace, as well as the nuts from the bolts on the top of the next panel down. By doing this, the initial panel should slide right out. If you need to replace more than one panel, repeat this process until the desired panels are removed. If the panel you wish to replace is a lower panel, you will need to remove the panel above it first. You can then remove the lower panel by sliding it up.

Replace the Panels

Putting in new panels is really quite simple—all you really need to do is reverse what you just did to take them out. If you replaced a lower panel, slide the upper panel back in after replacing the lower panel.

Finish Up

Once you have replaced the desired panels, you can open the garage door back up. You can then reattach the springs and plug the door openers back in. Your garage door is now once again ready for normal use after its “facelift.”

For a free estimate on replacing your damaged or dented garage door panels, contact Lifetime Door Company today. With access to most major manufactures for replacement panels, we carry only the best quality garage door parts for your garage door repairs or new installation.

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  • Isaac

    Replacing a garage door panel is easy but don’t ever try to replace a garage door spring. I have had people end up missing fingers and things because of the force of the spring that is in there. Garage doors can be dangerous I know that from personal experience and my son driving through ours. You have a very educational blog here thank you.

  • Louise

    Thank you for posting this I have a garage door that needs this done after my daughter drove into it and bent it all up, we were able to get it on the tracks and things but it doesn’t look good at all when you drive up. My question is though can you purchase just one panel or do you have to buy the complete door? Great blog post keep it up.

  • Paul

    I have a single canopy garage that is in need of some tlc. It has a large spring going along the top of the garage door frame held in place with three brackects. On the end of each spring are two drums that coil wire cables and should hold the door in place when I open and close it. I guess I should just replace it and thanks to this article, I think I can get the job done.

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