Garage Door Installation: Choosing a New Garage Door

Have you ever driven along an otherwise-attractive street and found your eyes riveted on someone’s dingy, unpainted garage door? It got your attention, but certainly not in a good way. No matter how nice the property might be, that one eyesore can change your opinion in a heartbeat. That’s because an old, outdated garage door sticks out like a sore thumb and detracts from the curb appeal of a home.


Having seen or imagined such a spectacle, it’s easy to see what effect a similar door could have on your own garage. Stand back and take a look at your own curb appeal, and you may find that it’s time for a new garage door.

Replacing a garage door is not difficult; you just need to know what to look for. Your first decision will be in the type of garage door you want to buy.  There are steel doors, wood, aluminum and many different styles in between. The style of the door you choose should be something that complements the décor of your home.  Let’s go over each of these styles in greater detail:

Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doorsWood carriage house garage doors are a popular choice to add appeal to your home, particularly if you want your garage door to be the show-stopping bold statement that defines your home.

Wood garage doors offer simple or elaborate window patterns that can reflect the architectural design of your home. They come in a wide variety of styles, from square tops, to v-grooved, curved and beaded.

View wood garage doors in our photo gallery and get those ideas flowing.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doorsSteel garage doors are also a good choice because they are low-maintenance, they don’t crack, warp, or otherwise succumb to the weather, and they always look stylish. Steel garage doors are coated so you don’t have to worry about rust.

With steel doors, you can get the best of both worlds and get a garage door that is both stylish and durable.  Haas offers a steel carriage house style garage door that features a clean, sophisticated straight line look that adds a modern, elegant touch to a home. Other doors are imprinted to mimic the look of a wood garage door without the maintenance and upkeep of the real thing.

Learn more about steel garage doors here.

If you’re looking at getting a new garage door installation, you’ll want to give some thought to what kind of garage door opener you’ll need.  Like garage doors, there are many different options to choose in a garage door not only in function, but also in features.

View our extensive residential photo gallery to narrow down your search for a new garage door.

Today’s Garage Door Openers

garage door openersGarage door openers have come a long way from simply keeping you out of the elements and saving you from getting out of your car to open the garage. Some garage door opener models are equipped with a Battery Backup System guaranteeing access in and out of the garage, even when the power is out.

A nationwide survey of consumers said that 71% of homeowners use their garage door openers to get into their homes every day. What used to be the key to the front door has now become the garage door’s remote control and keypad. Since the garage door is so widely used, many homeowners will be trading in older models for new, more technically advanced openers such as this new model offered by LiftMaster.

LiftMaster’s 8550 model is equipped with My-Q technology, which gives homeowners the convenience of opening or closing the garage door and operating the lights using a smartphone or computer – from anywhere in the world. This model from LiftMaster has a feature that reduces noise when it operates, making it ideal for homes with a room above the garage.

Start narrowing down your search by viewing our garage door openers here. We regularly add new products and monthly internet-only online specials to our website, so be sure to bookmark this site and check back soon!

Lifetime Door Company has on average, 20 Installers and service crews on the road daily servicing both residential and commercial Madison garage doors, in addition to new garage door installations and opener repairs throughout Milwaukee, Waukesha, West Bend, Kenosha and Racine and Southeastern Wisconsin.


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    The area where you reside determines to a certain extent, what features you look for in a garage door. As a homeowner in Denver, you know you get three things with frightening regularity in regards to weather: SNOW, SUN, and WIND. You park your car in your garage to protect it and yourself from these three elements, closing the door safely to block out Mother Nature, but how can you protect your garage door?

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