Wood Carriage House Doors

 Sawmill Creek Garage Doors Installed by Lifetime

Sawmill Creek garage doors are a popular high quality wood door. Browse through some of our past work and call us at 262-783-4004 or stop by our showroom to see more selections.

 SawMill Creek Swing Look


The classic split design of the Swing Look is reminiscent of swing-out doors from turn-of-the-century carriage houses, country homes, and cottages. Horizontal cross bucks, windows, and decorative hardware can add variety to the design.

 SawMill Creek Sliding Look


Sawmill Creek Sliding Look doors remind you of one-piece swing-up doors of the past. Windows are added to break up the strong vertical orientation of the design, creating the perfect complement to modern, traditional or rustic architecture.

 SawMill Creek Trifold Look

trifold look

Three-segment Tri-Fold Look doors appear to fold to the side as an accordian, but horizontal section breaks allow the doors to open upward. Optional half bucks and square or curved tops can add character to the design.

 SawMill Creek Quad Look

quad look

With their four-segment facade, Quad Look doors imitate the classic beauty and strength of bi-fold carriage doors. The choice of curved or square top looks provide greater variety in design, often balancing a home’s architectural style.

 SawMill Creek Photo Gallery


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